Stories in Motion

Performances by Motion Theater Artists:
Jennifer Asselstine, Natan Daskal, Thalia DeWolf , Jeremy Levie, Sybil Meyer,
Dalia Nazryan, Rob Pavey, Ellen Shiro, Angela Urata, Nancy Whitley  

True stories that will amuse you, move you and change the way you see your life and the world.

Saturday, April 7, 8pm
Potrero Stage, 1695 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Tickets $16, $21 preferred seating

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Wild Wisdom — Soul-O

Nina Wise, Vinny Ferraro

Wild Wisdom features Nina improvising one of her indescribable performances about the personal and political events of the week, and Vinny Ferraro offering one of his extraordinary dharma talks. Both presentations will be full of surprising wit, deep thinking, and heartfelt insights. You are likely to laugh, cry, and see your life and the world in new ways.

Saturday, April 14, 8:00pm
Showcase Theater, Marin Civic Center,
San Rafael, CA

Tickets available at
Advance Tickets: $33.50 upper section, $42.50 lower section
At the Door: $38 upper, $48 lower

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Nina is an inspiration. I loved listening to her speak, the zen approach that celebrates human frailty in such a fun, uplifting way.
— Student in Barcelona