with Nina Wise

Meditation, Dharma Talk, and Daylong
On Friday night Nina will guide a meditation and give a dharma talk. On Sunday, she will lead a daylong workshop.
During the daylong on Sunday, we will practice both silent meditation and robust creative self-expression. Contemplative practices and expressive practices enhance one another; in concert they quiet the mind, calm the heart, give rise to insight, happiness, and release our wildness.

The day will include periods of stillness, movement, easy improv games and storytelling which together form a fully embodied spiritual practice.

Friday, November 1, Dharma Talk and Guided Meditation
Sunday, November 3, Daylong Workshop
8 West 27th Street, 10th Floor | New York, NY (between Broadway and 6th Avenue) |

A longtime student of mindfulness and non-dual spiritual practices, Nina Wise teaches meditation and offers wisdom teachings. Her guidance, rather than following any doctrine, emerges from her direct experience of insight. Recordings of Nina's Dharma talks are available here. 

Nina is an inspiration. I loved listening to her speak, the zen approach that celebrates human frailty in such a fun, uplifting way.
— Student in Barcelona