Motion Theater® Artists Network

Students who become proficient at Motion Theater may decide to perform Motion Theater in solo and/or ensemble forms. For this purpose, they can belong to the Motion Theater Artists Network.


The intention of each Motion Theater Artist and Motion Theater Company will be to:

  1. work out on a regular basis to further develop their craft
  2. create and produce performances

Performance Venues

Performances might take place in any of the following types of venues: Performance Art Galleries, Small Theaters, Community Centers, Studios, Retirement Homes, Senior Centers, Conferences, Corporate Venues, Private Homes, Parks, Prisons, Hospitals, etc.

Membership and Fees

  • Performers who belong to the Motion Theater Artists Network can perform Motion Theater in pubic venues.
  • Members in the Motion Theater Artists network are licensed to use Motion Theater techniques and performance scores in their rehearsals and performances.
  • We request that MTA’s use the Motion Theater trademark in their publicity and marketing.

Motion Theater Company: $250/year
Motion Theater Artist: $125/year

Directory of Motion Theater Artists

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