Motion Theater® Teacher Training Guidelines

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  • Completion of Motion Theater Immersion (or equivalent Motion Theater training)
  • Applicants demonstrating interest in and commitment to the practice of Motion Theater
  • Previous teaching/leadership/facilitating experience
  • Previous related arts experience including: dance, theater, vocal work, and/or musical experience
  • Experience in embodiment practices
  • Commitment to a personal spiritual or meditation practice
  • Experience with psychotherapy or personal growth work as a client and/or therapist

Specifics of Motion Theater Teacher Training

You Will Receive Training in:

  • The philosophy, theory and underlying principles of Motion Theater
  • The practical application of concepts and techniques
  • A wide array of Motion Theater practices including solo, duet and ensemble forms

You Will Learn How to:

  • Create a welcoming and affirming atmosphere and container
  • Develop class curriculum/outlines
  • Design the flow and progression of Motion Theater practices
  • Lead Motion forms and practices in a variety of settings
  • Group management and dynamics

Teaching Practicum

Students will complete 20 hours of practice teaching either individually or in partnership. These Motion Theater workshops will be offered free of charge and feedback/evaluation forms must be completed by the students.


Nina and Maria will each be available for one 60-minute telephone supervisory session. Additional supervision will be available if necessary on a fee basis.

5-Day Retreat

During the 5-Day retreat trainees will teach a demonstration class and receive feedback from Nina and Maria. The retreat will culminate in a graduation ceremony and celebration.


Upon completion of Level One Training there will be a certification process. Certification will enable teachers to join the Motion Theater Teachers Network whereupon they can offer beginning and intermediate classes, workshops and retreats in Motion Theater. Certification is contingent on achieving core competencies. (Core Competencies pdf).


Attendance at all sessions is required for certification. If a session is missed, it has to be made up in private sessions with Nina or Maria.

Passing the Teacher Review Process

Certification is dependent on passing a teacher review process. If we feel you need more time to develop your teaching, we may ask you to do another period of apprenticeship. You can become certified at any point in this process.

We hold the intention to certify everyone who is accepted into the program.

We will follow clear selection criteria and provide the guidance and resources to support everyone to that end. Please be aware, however, that attendance at the training program does not guarantee becoming certified.

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Motion Theater Teacher’s Association Membership

Certified teachers are required to belong to the Motion Theater Teacher’s Association (MTTA). As part of the association, Motion Theater teachers may offer Motion Theater workshops in such fields as expressive arts therapy, education, consultation, health care, organizational development, community service and the arts. Classes and workshops may be held in a variety of settings including community centers, corporate venues, theater schools, elementary and high school after school programs, theater training programs, private studios, etc.

Annual Fee

MTTA teachers are required to pay an annual fee of $250 and to use the Motion Theater® name and teach Motion Theater® forms. You will be asked to pay an annual fee for every year you want to keep your status as a current Motion Theater teacher.

As a member of the Motion Theater Teacher’s Association you will:

  • Be part of a community of Motion Theater teachers
  • Be included in the directory of certified teachers on the Motion Theater website
  • Receive 10% discount on continuing education classes with Motion master teachers
  • Have access to a network of teachers for collaborative programming and marketing

Maintaining Certification

To maintain certification, Motion Theater Teachers must participate in a 20-hour Motion Theater class with a senior teacher at least once every 3 years.

Certification Criteria

Motion Theater Teacher Training Level Two

Level Two training will be offered in 2016.


Recommended Readings and Resources