Autobiographical Improvisation

Motion Theater® is an upbeat form of autobiographical improvisation practiced in solo, duet, trio and ensemble forms. A performance style and a transformative practice, Motion Theater is a way to tell our stories with movement and language as we tap into the humor and pathos of our everyday lives.

"A Motion Theater workshop changes your life in all the right ways – towards creativity, connection, and the wisdom of the universe. But the main reason I recommend it is because it is So Much Fun."
— Pam S., Designer

"Nina Wise is a visionary artist — a dancer, actor, writer and healer who has innovated a process to bring people together to cultivate their own creativity. Her capacity to improvise any material at hand is an amazing lesson in being present in the here and now.  She has pioneered a new form of theater where she explores all facets of life bringing laughter, tears and wonderment into our lives."
— Anna Halprin, Dancer, Founder of Tamalpa Institute

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To fulfill our mission of offering performances which reveal the human condition, build community and celebrate life, Motion Theater relies on the generosity of our community. Thank you.