We’re thrilled that Motion Theater is making its way out into the world through our widening circle of certified teachers.

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Nina Wise

Performance Artist and Motion Theater’s Founder

Nina Wise has given solo performances and taught Motion Theatre in prestigious venues in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia. She’s won awards for playwriting, innovative design and new theater, including three NEA fellowships and seven Bay Area Theater Critics’ Circle Awards. After having many shorter writings appear in magazines and anthologies, Nina wrote “A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life” (Broadway Books) to give people who aren’t able to take a Motion workshop a way to move their stories out and live freer happier lives.

“Since I was a student, earning degrees in religious studies and the aesthetics of movement, I’ve been dedicated to understanding the relationship of body, mind and spirit. I’ve sought out everyone from great choreographers such as Twyla Tharpe, Anna Halprin and Margy Jenkins to spiritual teachers such as Jack Kornfield and HWJ Poonjaji to chaos theorists, neuroscientists, cosmologists and economists in an endlessly fascinating journey. Early on, I discovered that the body holds knowledge the mind knows nothing of and, that if given voice, those understandings can fuel and free the spirit. This is why I created Motion Theater. I wanted to give people a way to transform their lives through self-expression.”   —Nina Wise

Nina lives in San Rafael, California. She teaches workshops and performs worldwide.

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Maria Freebairn-Smith

Maria Freebairn-Smith is a master improv teacher, performer and public speaking coach.  She co-leads Motion Theater Immersion and Teacher Training. Maria has taught at Esalen Institute, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Joe Goode Studio and other transformational hubs. She’s led groups for twenty-plus years in her private practice, teaching workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With a degree in psychology from Columbia University and a lifetime commitment to body and breathing practices, she infuses her teaching and coaching with compassion and wisdom.

I love watching my students come to life—seeing eyes brighten, minds set free, bodies enlivened and hearts nourished by the playful communion that is Motion.   —Maria Freebairn-Smith

Maria lives in Sebastopol, California and teaches in throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Marianna Seger

After many years working in high tech, Marianna rediscovered her artistic soul at a Motion workshop in 2006. Since then she’s has been exploring ways to cultivate freedom of being, both in herself and others. Fluent in several languages, Marianna brings worldly experience to her work. She’s an artist, a certified Co-Active Coach and a somatic facilitator. In this lifetime alone, she’s been a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, graphic designer, voice-over artist, project manager and technical writer.

“Motion let’s you set yourself free! And while Motion can be a brief rejuvenating escape into fun and play, it’s also a profound ongoing practice that cultivates ever-expanding discovery.”   —Marianna Seger

Marianna lives in San Rafael, California and is available to teach nationally and internationally.

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Annie Kunjappy

Annie first trained in Motion Theater with Nina Wise in 2000 and 2001, a period that coincided with her father's illness and death, which gave Annie particularly immediate and profound evidence of the power of this work to excavate and illuminate one's experiential life. Until moving to Brooklyn in 2004, Annie performed with Nina and assisted her in teaching Motion workshops. Now living in the hamlet of Milton in the Hudson Valley, Annie continues to teach and perform Motion Theater. She’s also co-director of Woof Nova, a Theater collective that creates ensemble-devised performance works.

Annie lives in Milton, New York and works as a co-parenting coach, mediator and speaker.

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Davida Taurek

Davida Taurek has a diverse background in the creative arts and body-centered therapies. A certified instructor of Watsu, Waterdance, Motion Theater, and the 5Rhythms, Davida is known for her bright sense of humor, fiery passion and evocative devotional teaching style. She believes in the transformative healing powers of laughter, of self-expression and of gathering in community. Davida loves nothing more than inspiring a room full of people to offer their unique individual and collective dance of life.

Davida is a member of the core faculty at California’s Moving Center School and leads classes, trainings and workshops worldwide.

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Annabelle Berrios

Annabelle Berrios, whose name literally translates as "kind neighborhoods" is a facilitator of transformative learning spaces for embodying wisdom in leadership.  She has a JD from Boston College Law School and an MA in East West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She is a faculty member at the New York Open Center.  A graduate of the Motion Theater Teacher Training program, she  has performed at the Esalen Institute, at Open Secret as part of an opening act for Nina Wise, as well as at Harbin Hot Springs with fellow Motion Theater Artists. 

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