A Workshop in Meditation, Improvisation, and Yoga
with Nina Wise and Barbara Voinar
Saturday, December 3rd, 1pm–5pm

4th Street Yoga  |  1809 4th Street (upstairs)  |  Berkeley, CA

Suzuki Roshi once said that we practice sitting to be “ready for anything.” The goddess Tara is most often depicted as sitting in a meditation posture with one leg out-stretched, alert and relaxed, ready to respond. In the improv practices Nina teaches, we will learn to express ourselves moment-to-moment in ways that are spontaneous, uplifting and liberating. In yoga with Barbara, we will explore how each asana develops a different quality of action, revealing balance and equanimity. Using yoga, sounding, movement, and improv we’ll cultivate our authenticity and ease of being. The workshop is open to all, both as a tool for greater awareness and an avenue for self-expression.



An opportunity to learn and practice embodied storytelling.  For beginners and those with previous training, this workshop will focus on solo, duet and ensemble practices that are uplifting as well as skill building. You will learn skills in moving with abandon, speaking with ease, presence, and self confidence in public speaking. And you will have a great deal of fun.

Motion Theater 1–2   (CANCELLED)
with Nina Wise and Sybil Meyer
7 Mondays
November 7–December 19, 7:30–10:30
4th Street Yoga  |  1809 4th Street (upstairs)  |  Berkeley, CA